ServeFests are simple, servant-evangelism events where we share God’s love in simple, practical ways. A ServeFest could be a quick touch of God's love, such as feeding watermelon to families at a Parents' Night. It could also be a big, churchwide project, such as refurbishing a house for a lady in need.

ServeFests are effective because they are:

  • quick
  • high volume
  • done in groups
  • culture-current
  • an open door for the Holy Spirit to draw people to Christ
  • an approach families can do together
  • easily picked up by new Christians
  • simple
  • friendly, non-pushy, and non-aggressive
  • appealing to every segment of our society
  • emotionally safe
  • giving-centered rather than asking-centered
  • a safe way for ambitious people to expend their energy
  • an open door for the miraculous—if God so moves
  • big fun!